Welcome to the GHCC community forum


Welcome to the Discourse discussion forum for the Global Health Cost Consortium!

We hope that you will join us in sharing your thoughts, experience, and expertise concerning cost data collection, reporting, and analysis for HIV and TB interventions. To improve the availability, quality, timing, and the policy-relevance of cost information, input from a diverse group of people working in health economics, policy, and programming will be needed. From academics and consultants, to members of international organizations, and to those working as health practitioners and government officials, all points of view are encouraged.

A Reference Case for Estimating the Costs of Global Health Services and Interventions has been developed by the GHCC and posted in the Standards and Methods section of the GHCC website.

Feedback on this product is very much welcome, as will be questions and thoughts on GHCC products that are forthcoming. Finally, general comments on the GHCC website or on the GHCC itself may also be posted in this discussion forum, which will be continuously reviewed by the GHCC.

Thank-you for your participation.